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Have old books you’re looking to unload for some cash? For the best book buyback prices, sell them to Heisenbooks!

We offer the best prices by FAR. We know the value of your books, so we’ll never undersell you. You can try other sites, but we promise you won’t find better prices anywhere.

Here are some numbers for you. On the left is one of our recent buybacks and on the right is a list of our competitor’s prices from The difference is clear: Heisenbooks offered 1.65x the best price you’ll find elsewhere online. In conclusion…

If you want the best prices for your books, sell to Heisenbooks.

This form asks a few basic questions about the books you’d like to sell to Heisenbooks. Processing books can be a bit time-consuming, especially in larger quantities. By completing this form, you accelerate our process, saving you time during your appointment! Below is an explanation of the form.

  • Your Name/Your Email: Pretty straightforward.
  • ISBN Number: Either the thirteen (ISBN-13) or ten (ISBN-10) code for the book. Each book has its own unique ISBN. The most common places for an ISBN are on the back right corner of the book or the back of the title page (right below/next to that long list of trademarks and information).
  • Condition of Your Book: This helps us by providing us with your opinion of the book’s quality before we look through it ourselves. This can be one of four conditions: New, Very Good, Good, or Acceptable. In other words, give us a general idea of your book beforehand so we know what to look for in advance.
  • Your Message: Any other notes you’d like to add about your books so we can better evaluate it. If you have more than one book, be sure to put the information here. Feel free to put any quirks you’d like us to be aware of. Heck, give us the book’s whole backstory. Favorite movie, dream vacation spot, how it likes to spend its free time.

Once you’re done, call us at 215-377-9812 to book an appointment. After that, make sure to visit our Location page for how to find us.

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