Hunter Biden, the witness for the prosecution #1

So Tuesday, before Day 1 of the Impeachment proceedings, in my unverified wisdom, I decided to write to Adam Schiff to suggest he put on Hunter Biden as a witness. I was thinking that a new/different approach is needed than the one that led to the nothing-burger Mueller process.

“If he did nothing wrong (my belief) it emphasizes the wrongdoing and debunks the apologists.
If he did something wrong then no impeachment based on investigating him will ever work anyways even if investigating him in this manner is wrong.  It really hinges on Hunter.  Instead of waiting for a mixed-up Ukrainian investigation, let’s do it in front of the American people in real-time tomorrow.” 

I continued, “Hunter can be jetted from wherever he is and put in front of the American people tomorrow morning.”

Well, needless to say, the left-leaning crowd did not go for it and ripped me a new one. I was called Boris, High School, stupid. But if you listened to the R’s they kept on bringing up 2016.

I selected a few books to explore Impeachment Corruption and the American situation: