About Us

Heisenbooks humble origins in Matt’s garage.

Heisenbooks has been operating as a home-based business in Pennsylvania for five and a half years. We currently sell college, high school, and professional books, as well as chemistry kits and online access codes. Daily operations include ordering, pricing, listing, labeling and sending the products to our various stores. We sell products on Amazon, eBay, Barnes & Noble, Abebooks, Alibris, Textbookrush and other vendors.

The Idea

The original idea for Heisenbooks started more than 15 years ago, on a much smaller scale than it operates today. Our founder, Matthew Davis, found that a set of certain Star Wars: Choose Your Own Adventure books were being sold for a solid amount of money. He was able to buy a few of these books cheaply, and then turn a profit selling them on Amazon. When he wasn’t teaching Chemistry at a local high school, he continued ordering a few of these books and flipping them online for some spending money.

Matt decided to expand his side hustle into a full-blown business in August of 2014. He quickly went to work, expanding his inventory and beginning to establish Heisenbooks as a serious online book vendor. A year later, Matt reached out to Jay Fishman. His friend, and an Accounting teacher, he assisted Matt with the economic side of the company.

The first three hires were Adam, Sam, and Robby (children of Matt or Jay), coming on board in the Spring and Summer of 2014. Since then, Heisenbooks has expanded its family to account for 22 workers, ranging from sophomores in high school to students well into college. That growth has come with our business growth, making us into the company we are today. We’ve now evolved as a business, and sell a range of products from children’s books to textbooks, as well as establishing our buyback program.

What We Stand For

At Heisenbooks, we’re all about our customers. We know books have been important to all of us in one way or another. Instead of moving on to new developments or technologies, we use the tools at our service to assist us in connecting more and more people every day to new stories, lessons, and experiences, only found in books.

By choosing Heisenbooks for your book sales and buyback program, you support not just our family, but our core values of respect, ingenuity, and persistence. At Heisenbooks, we aspire to always provide you with an easy experience getting the products you need. We hope you find what you’re looking for, and that you feel good after doing so. We certainly feel good knowing that we could help.

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